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      I’m Minorcan in my heart. Nowadays I live in Catalonia, in the mountain, far from the agitation of the city. Barcelona has been the nest from which I have flown as an actress and it’s the place where I normally work in plays, musicals and television.

      In addition, I discovered, understood and fell in love with the Blues in some spots  hidden in this big city. These spots were more abundant and fruitful a decade ago.

      I was part of the audience for many years. I was and I am a pupil at home everyday. The Blues settled in my body and I couldn’t help it… so I decided  to take part of it more closely.

      Some years ago, in the Blues Jam Session at Rocksound, I dared to sing for the first time in front of a lot of musicians I admire and I was very fightened.  After these usual insecurities, I discovered, perhaps for the firt time in my life, that I could truly express myself singing the Blues. It seems that my voice fits the Blues when I feel free…

      From happiness I moved to enthusiasm, and I wanted to  capture this new feeling in an album, so that I could start a new path next to acting. Tota (TotaBlues) eventually believed in this project, and as a music director he assembled the ideal band. This is how “When I met the Blues” was born. This work has been done with a lot of respect and love, and I hope it will be the beginning of a long life next to the Blues.