The musicians who have recorded “When I met the Blues”, and who usually play with me,  are people with a long career in the Blues.

     To begin with, the base band is Totablues, a band lead by harp player and singer “Tota” who, together with his guitarist and sideman Martín J. Merino, has been playing real Chicago blues for almost 20 years.  The other members of the band are Jose Pilar on electric bass and Eduardo Neto on drums.

    I´m glad to have one of the top Blues and Boogie Woogie musicians in the country on piano: David Giorcelli. He has provided this album with his virtuosity, his passion and with his personal touch when it comes to playing the Blues.

    The winds section has been conducted by another great musician in the Blues and Rhythm & Blues scene: Big Dani Pérez. With his experience, his good taste and his deep notes he can easily move you emotionally or make you feel like dancing.

    I’ve also had the collaboration of other musicians in the recording of this album.  “When I met the Blues” wouldn’t be the same without them: Reginald Vilardell plays washboard in “You got to know how”, providing the song with the genuine sound of the 20’s. Jordi Pérez plays sax in “Blue Monday” with all his dedication and excitement. Finally, singers Tamara Quiogue and Carlos Yáñez sing backing vocals in some of the songs.

Thanks to all of them for their talent and involvement in this personal project

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